They love their waivers!

The Obama administration shuts down the AMBER Alert website as part of its petty, malicious shutdown theater, but don’t you worry, union representatives will stay on the payroll, thanks to a timely new ruling by the administration:

The Obama administration quietly changed its furlough guidance Friday to allow government employees who are also union representatives to return to work and receive a regular paycheck during the government shutdown.

And while people are being physically ejected from the National Mall, the Park Service is allowing an immigration pressure group to rally on the National Mall:

A planned immigration reform rally will take place on the National Mall on Tuesday even though the site is closed due to the government shutdown. . . The event is hosted by several immigration activist groups, together with the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and the AFL-CIO.

In short, if you’re inconvenienced by the shutdown, it’s because the Obama administration doesn’t care about you. They’re happy to carve out exceptions for the people they care about.

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