The School-Board/DOJ scandal

October 26, 2021
It’s time to recap what we know about the School-Board/DOJ scandal:
  1. The White House Domestic Policy Council formulated a plan to solicit a letter from an outside group that is “not the usual suspects” (meaning not a group known to be political like a teachers’ union) warning that parents’ complaints were rising to the level of domestic terrorism.*
  2. The White House coordinated the letter with Viola Garcia, the president of the NSBA.
  3. Despite being filled with links, the letter contains virtually no evidence to support its main contention.
  4. Garcia and another executive sent the letter without the approval of the NSBA board. (The board latter repudiated the letter, but not in time to avoid serious blowback, as several state associations have broken ties with the NSBA.)
  5. After sending the letter, Garcia was appointed to a federal oversight board. (This is new information today.)
  6. Attorney General Merrick Garland announced a federal investigation of school board protesters. Ostensibly the investigation is a result of the letter, but it was announced with such speed that most observers conclude it must have been in the works already.
  7. When questioned before the House, Garland conceded that he had no evidence of a “disturbing spike of harassment, intimidation, and threats of violence” beyond the NSBA letter (than the White House solicited and helped write).
  8. Rep. Nadler (D-NY) cut off Rep. Jordan (R-OH) before he could probe further.
* The first point is alleged in a complaint by a watchdog group. The other points are established facts.

Comeuppance received

October 19, 2021

During the previous administration, the United States achieved energy independence, a goal that many had thought unachievable. But Democrats like Joe Biden saw that as a bad thing. When he came into office, he deliberately kneecapped the domestic energy industry.

Now oil and gas prices are soaring and Biden’s poll numbers are plummeting. First he went to OPEC to ask them to help, but naturally they refused. As a last resort, he went to domestic energy producers — the same people he proclaimed to be the enemy — to beg for help.

It would be his just desserts if they told him to get lost, but the truth is, his appeal is irrelevant. Domestic producers are not a cartel like OPEC that can just decide to produce more. They are an industry that responds to economics, and Biden deliberately created a situation in which it is unprofitable for them to produce more. They aren’t going to agree to lose money just to help Biden.

If Biden wants more domestic production, he has to undo what he has done:

By pursuing policies that restrict supply and make it harder to produce oil and natural gas here in America, Americans will have to pay more for their energy,” said Anne Bradbury, chief executive officer at the American Exploration and Production Council, which lobbies for independent oil-and-gas producers.

(Via The Daily Signal.)