The Obama shutdown

As part of its malicious shutdown theater, the Obama administration has decided to shutter the AMBER alert website:

The Amber alert website, the national missing-child warning program, has been shut off due to the government shutdown, according to the Department of Justice.

“Due to the lapse in federal funding, this Office of Justice Programs website is unavailable,” it says on

The administration claimed that it had no choice but to shut down the AMBER site, but this was clearly a lie because (1) it makes no sense at all:

The Justice Department official explained the website’s page appearing as if Amber Alert is down by saying, “The Office of Justice Programs (OJP) ran out of funds on Friday so all of the sites they maintain about the work they do went offline.”

It was not clear as to why it would cost less to change the website’s appearance than to just keep it the way it was.

and (2) they subsequently decided to bring the site back up again, proving they can keep it up it they want to.

They later argued that it was somehow a security risk to have content on a page that wasn’t being supervised. Aside from making no sense, this fails to explain why the AMBER Alert site was singled out. Nearly every other page on the DOJ’s Juvenile Justice page is still in operation.

POSTSCRIPT: Just to be clear, the AMBER Alert system itself was unaffected. This is the page that gives information about the AMBER Alert system.

UPDATE: Ace has been finding countless .gov sites left up all day.

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