More trouble for CNN

More interesting facts have come out regarding CNN’s fake video from Gaza. LGF has published evidence that Mashharawi (the videographer) and Mads Gilbert (the communist, pro-terrorist Norwegian doctor who supposedly tended to his Mashharawi’s dying brother) already knew each other. Both were involved in a Tromsoe-Gaza friendship society (Tromsoe being Gilbert’s home town). Since the organization could not have been a very large one, it seems certain they had met long before the supposed incident.

Also, in CNN’s bizarre defense of their piece, they rebutted the allegation that Mashharawi is involved with Hamas web sites:

Martin said accusations that Mashharawi owns a company that hosts Hamas Web sites were falsely based on Mashharawi having worked at a company that created the PS suffix to allow anyone of any political persuasion to create Palestinian Web sites.

In fact, LGF’s claim is that Mashharawi was the General Manager of a company that hosts Hamas web sites. That claim seems strongly supported by documents showing that Mashharawi is the General Manager of the Gazan company Nepras, and Internet records (also here) showing that Nepras hosts Hamas web sites.

But, in a newly embarrassing revelation, it turns out that Paul Martin, the man who CNN used as its character witness for Mashharawi and who CNN used (above) to rebut the preceding allegation, also has his web site registered by Nepras.

There’s not more than one degree of separation between any of these players.

POSTSCRIPT: None of these facts are necessary to identify the video as a fake. One viewing is sufficient for that. But they do indicate who CNN is in bed with in its Gaza reporting.

UPDATE: Paul Martin responds.

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