CNN doubles down

Two days ago I noted a fake video aired by CNN of a child supposedly killed by an Israeli “rocket”. CNN now insists that the video is genuine. (Via LGF.) They give us no good reason to believe them though.

First they offer a character witness, one Paul Martin, who says that the videographer (Ashraf Mashharawi) is an honest guy who wouldn’t lie. But we have no particular reason to believe Martin either, particularly since he is Mashharawi’s employer, and therefore has a vested interest in his credibility. Also, a director at the hospital (or at least someone CNN identifies thus) says it happened just as the story says. Whatever.

On the implausible content of the video itself, CNN offers this:

Responding to accusations that the resuscitation efforts of Mashharawi’s brother appeared inauthentic, Martin said that, based on his years of reporting from Gaza, doctors often go through such efforts even with little hope that a patient can be saved.

Oh please. I can believe that a doctor might carry out CPR on a likely hopeless patient, but if so, he’s going to carry out CPR. No doctor is going to waste his time on a CPR-ish pantomime of no medical value. He’s got other things to do with his time. (The video shows the resuscitation effort consisted of half-hearted chest compressions and no ventilation at all.)

CNN offered nothing in regard to the most damning evidence against the video, the fact that the roof where the boy was supposedly killed had quite obviously not been hit by a missile. (Cue the video to 1:13 to see for yourself.)

UPDATE: Still more questions are being raised about the video: Riehl World View points out inconsistencies in the timeline between different versions. (Via Instapundit.)

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