Israel rebuts UN accusation

Two days ago, a UN convoy came under fire, killing two UN workers. The UN immediately accused Israel of firing on the convoy. In contrast, the IDF likes to get its ducks in a row before responding to this sort of accusation. Having completed their investigation, they now say they aren’t responsible. The Jerusalem Post has reported further on how flimsy the accusation was:

On Friday, the Post reported that contrary to foreign press reports, it was not certain that an IDF tank shell hit the aid truck, and that in all probability, the aid workers were hit by Hamas gunfire.

The foreign press reports were based on UN sources, who later admitted to the Post that they were not sure in which direction the truck was headed when it was hit, and could also not say with certainty that tank shells were responsible.

Foreign press reports said the dead Palestinian and two others were hit by tank shells. A MDA medic at the scene told the Post that soldiers in the field said Hamas snipers targeted the aid workers. A Post probe revealed that the two wounded Palestinians were being treated at Barzilai for gunshot wounds.

Having milked its immediate accusation for two days of anti-Israel propaganda, the UN now says it wants to investigate:

[UNRWA spokesman Chris] Gunness added that the UN was keen to “clear the fog of war” and get to the bottom of the incident.

(Via Power Line.)

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