NLRB could be “defanged”

A reader at the Corner has this encouraging information about the NLRB:

If Senate Republicans just do nothing, the NRLB will lose its quorum and be unable to act beginning 1/1/12. Wilma Liebman’s term expires in a few weeks, and Craig Beckers recess appointment expires at end of the year. There was a Supreme Court ruling a few years ago that the NRLB could not act with only 2 members. And if Senate and House Republicans continue to work together forcing pro-forma sessions during recesses, the NRLB could be effectively defanged by the end of the year.

For background on why the NLRB desperately needs to be defanged, see this, and this, and this, and this.

POSTSCRIPT: In related news, Judicial Watch is filing an FOIA lawsuit to obtain the NLRB’s documents related to the Boeing travesty, and Rep. Darrell Issa has issued a subpoena for those same documents.

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