Overreach outrage

I would not have thought that the Obama administration could still shock me. I was wrong.

The National Labor Relations Board has ruled that Boeing cannot build its new 787 plant in South Carolina, where the labor environment is friendlier than Puget Sound. The board claims that Boeing expanding operations in a right-to-work state “discourag[es] membership in a labor organization” and thus violates the law.

This is so astonishing, it bears repeating: the NLRB is trying to dictate to a private company where it builds its plant.

The NLRB relies on the courts to enforce its rulings, and presumably this one will not stand. The NLRB certainly has no authority under the law to prevent businesses from locating in right-to-work states.

Nevertheless, this is an outrage. Ed Morrissey likens this to Ayn Rand’s fictional anti-dog-eat-dog rule. I think that’s right. If anything, I think that understates the outrage of this. Surely none can now deny that we are suffering under a socialist administration.

POSTSCRIPT: The NLRB currently has four seats (one is vacant). The chairwoman is a Clinton appointment (unwisely reappointed by President Bush in an effort to achieve comity with Democrats — how well did that work again?) who was elevated to chair by President Obama. The other three seats are Obama appointments. One of them, the radical Craig Becker, was a recess appointment. So Obama owns this board.

UPDATE: Jonathan Adler comments.

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