New Jersey state media to close

The Wall Street Journal reports:

Gov. Chris Christie, saying he wasn’t elected to be “programmer in chief,” is taking New Jersey out of the broadcasting business.

NJN, a television network formed in 1968, will be broken off from the state and handed over to WNET, the New York public media station. . .

Mr. Christie, who announced the deal on Monday, said he had been uncomfortable since taking office about subsidizing a news organization whose employees were state workers charged with independently covering state government.

“In my view that should have ended with the Soviet Union,” he said. “It’s ending here in New Jersey a little bit later than the fall of the wall in Berlin, but we’re getting there.”

Optimistic take: I’m glad Christie is shutting this thing down.

My take: What?! New Jersey has a state press agency? Is it called TASS?

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