Breitbart triumphant

I haven’t commented on the Weiner scandal before. That’s partly because the whole affair is so tacky, and partly because Anthony Weiner is a congressman of no real importance. It seemed clear that he was guilty, partly because the alternative theories seemed really far-fetched, but mostly because he acted guilty. I gave no credit to his belligerent denials, since Weiner is an accomplished belligerent liar.

However, now that Weiner has admitted his guilt, I do have one remark to make. Now we can see that Andrew Breitbart had the goods, and it was his detractors who behaved irresponsibly. Go up against Breitbart at your peril.

POSTSCRIPT: I don’t see how Weiner’s career can survive, with the stuff coming out getting creepier all the time:

During one Facebook chat conversation, Broussard said she voiced uneasiness with the electronic relationship, to which she says Weiner replied, “you are not stalking me….I am stalking you.”

Perhaps she isn’t telling the truth, but at this point that’s not the smart way to bet.

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