Some people are trying to draw an analogy between the vote-counting snafu in Waukesha County, Wisconsin and the controversy in Minnesota 2008. For example, Dave Weigel:

WANTED: A pundit who had the same reaction to missing ballots being found and changing result in Minnesota 2008, Wisconsin 2011.

The reason you don’t see many with the same reaction is there really is no parallel. In Minnesota 2008, you had Al Franken’s lawyers spending weeks mining rejected ballots until they found enough votes to win. Or worse, in Washington 2004 (a travesty that Weigel wisely doesn’t even mention), you had boxes of uncounted ballots being “discovered” on a daily basis, and ultimately many Democratic precincts actually reported more votes than registered voters.

In Waukesha County, you have votes that were counted and reported on election night, but were mistakenly not incorporated into the unofficial totals. That’s all. In fact, the city of Brookfield (whose votes were mistakenly dropped) reported its results to the media on election night, and those results were published in the local paper. (The paper recognized the significance of their story the following day.) Moreover, the correct Brookfield results are well in-line with historical norms, while the original results were not.

What we had here was simply an example of why election officials double-check the unofficial totals before they become official totals.

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UPDATE: Despite all that, John Fund is right. We should embrace an investigation, so long as the investigation is a broad one. It won’t hurt us to do so: the new Waukesha results seem to be solid, but Wisconsin’s election system as a whole is a mess. (Via Althouse.)

UPDATE: The day that the totaling error was announced, the vice-chair of the Waukesha Democratic Party said she stood by the corrected results. Now it seems someone has gotten to her, and she has recanted.

I think Allahpundit is right. There’s no earthly way those votes are going away, especially since they were reported contemporaneously to the Brookfield Patch, and the Democrats have to know that. This is part of an effort to delegitimize Governor Walker (no one actually cares about the supreme court seat) and energize the base.

UPDATE: Another analysis says that the corrected Waukesha results make more since than the original ones.

UPDATE: An investigation has confirmed the corrected numbers:

GAB Director Kevin Kennedy says the agency’s investigation of spring election procedures in Waukesha County remains ongoing, but that the final canvass numbers in the city of Brookfield match the initial tallies from poll workers on Election Night.

(Via Hot Air.)

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