The special relationship

As everyone piles on over President Obama’s snubs of British PM Gordon Brown, and the State Department’s statement that no special relationship exists between the US and UK, I thought it would be good to recall this statement by then-Senator Obama last year, saying that the special relationship needs to be adjusted to be fairer to the UK:

Barack Obama has called for the “special relationship” between the US and Britain to be “recalibrated” to make it a fairer, more equal partnership, the Guardian has learned.

Senator Obama, who leads the race to be the Democratic candidate for the US presidency, made the remarks in a telephone address to a fundraising event attended by American expatriates in London.

He has long been seen by British officials as the most anglophile of the three remaining presidential candidates, but these latest comments are his first public suggestion that the relationship is unequal and ripe for change.

“We have a chance to recalibrate the relationship and for the United Kingdom to work with America as a full partner,” Obama told more than 200 American expatriates gathered at the Notting Hill home of Elisabeth Murdoch, the head of Shine television production company and daughter of the media tycoon Rupert Murdoch.

Oops.  As Glenn Reynolds puts it, “As always with Obama, it’s a question of who the rubes really are.”  I guess that makes the entire UK the latest rubes.  Don’t feel bad, John Bull; you’re in good company.

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