No special relationship with Britain?

Does this official speak for the Obama Administration?

The real views of many in Obama administration were laid bare by a State Department official involved in planning the Brown visit, who reacted with fury when questioned by The Sunday Telegraph about why the event was so low-key.

The official dismissed any notion of the special relationship, saying: “There’s nothing special about Britain. You’re just the same as the other 190 countries in the world. You shouldn’t expect special treatment.”

Not just a denial of the special relationship, but “fury” at the very idea. Is this the “smart diplomacy” we were told so much about?  Is this how President Obama is going to mend fences with our allies?

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UPDATE (3/24): Niles Gardiner says the White House should apologize. Maybe, but at the very least, they should repudiate the statement.  So far, they haven’t.  If the administration won’t do so on its own, the press should ask about it.  I can’t imagine why they haven’t, unless it’s out of a desire to protect the administration from embarrassment.

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