CNN pulls fake Gaza video, leaves story up

A CNN video of a hospital scene in which a child supposedly dies from wounds suffered at the hands of Israel is an obvious fake. LGF had the story first, and there’s more at A Blog For All (via Conferederate Yankee, via Instapundit.) You can see the video at YouTube.

CNN has pulled the video, but at this hour they’ve left the story up. That’s simply dishonest. If you know the story is false, you take it down. (You should also issue a retraction, but never mind.) You don’t leave the story up, minus the evidence that proves it false.

CNN should know better than this. Palestinians are infamous for their staged propaganda videos, as Pallywood carefully documented:

But with CNN’s history of cozying up to villains to maintain access, I suppose they are merely playing to type.

UPDATE (1/9): CNN still has the story up. Meanwhile, David Bernstein noticed something else bogus in the video:

What hasn’t gotten attention is that the broader story told by the photographer to the CNN reporter is seemingly rather obviously false propaganda. From the video:

Reporter: “Mahmoud and his 14 year old cousin Ahmed were allowed to play on the roof…. Now they are both dead.” Mashharawi: “The Israeli plane targeted them with a small rocket just for them, just for them, and killed both of them.”

So the allegation is that not only did an Israeli plane purposely target two children playing on a roof, but did so with a special, small rocket that it apparently reserves for killing children on roofs without creating any of the obvious signs of serious damage to the building that a missile would cause.

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