NYT returns to form

The strangest thing about the Plame-Novak-Armitage affair was the spectacle of liberal journalists pretending to be outraged at the leaking of the name of a CIA agent. Ordinarily, the media are delighted with any classified leaks they can get, and care not a whit about the implications to national security. What was different in the Plame affair was that the leak favored Republicans, and might have been (but, in fact, wasn’t) done by the White House.

Now the New York Times, who was shocked (shocked!), by the horrible disclosure of a CIA agent’s name, has decided to disclose a CIA agent’s name. There is a difference though: in this case, unlike in the Plame affair, the CIA requested them not to do so.

It’s a good thing the Plame affair has largely run its course. Any more crocodile tears from the NYT on Plame’s behalf would be awfully hard to take.

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