Negotiating with Hezbollah, an object lesson

A few years ago, Israel unilaterally withdrew from its security buffer in southern Lebanon. At the time, that was the sole demand of Hezbollah. But terrorist organizations don’t cease to exist when their demands are met, they simply issue new demands, and Hezbollah is no exception. After Israel’s disengagement from Lebanon, Hezbollah announced that it also required that Israel turn over the Shebaa farms (a small piece of territory claimed by Syria).

Now, facing the prospect of perhaps getting what they demand, Hezbollah has announced that Israel turning over the Shebaa farms would not be enough. Also, they have backtracked in negotiations over a prisoner exchange, demanding hundreds of additional (non-Lebanese) prisoners be released in exchange for the release of the two Israeli soldiers they kidnapped. One might be forgiven for wondering if perhaps Hezbollah might not want peace!

There’s a reason it’s long been said that negotiating with terrorists is folly.

(Via LGF.)

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