The unmitigated gall

Barack Obama:

There is a historic connection between some of the arguments that we have politically and the history of race in our country, and sometimes it’s hard to disentangle those issues.

It can be particularly hard to disentangle those issues when your party and you personally are doing everything you can to entangle them!

Then he does that thing (he used to do it a lot, back when he was doing the unity schtick) where he gives lip service to the other side before expounding his own, far-left view:

. . . I think it’s important for progressives not to dismiss out of hand arguments against my Presidency or the Democratic Party or Bill Clinton or anybody just because there’s some overlap between those criticisms and the criticisms that traditionally were directed against those who were trying to bring about greater equality for African-Americans. The flip side is I think it’s important for conservatives to recognize and answer some of the problems that are posed by that history . . .

The key point that Obama leaves out here is that history of criticisms against those “trying to bring about greater equality for African-Americans” is the history of the Democratic party!

Now that the Democratic party has made its 11th-hour transformation from an anti-minority racist party to a pro-minority racist party (no exaggeration), they want to project their own evils onto their opponents, who have (more or less) been arguing for a color-blind society all along.

One Response to The unmitigated gall

  1. Seth Gordon says:

    Barry Obama is a moral coward, a serial liar and an utter disgrace to the office he holds. His incompetence has absolutely nothing to do with his race but only with his incompetence and lack of leadership. Barry’s agenda is to turn the U.S. into a plutocracy run by those rich enough and powerful enough to be admitted to the ruling aristocracy. Obama will go down in history as the absolute worst president ever to hold office. Obama and his criminal cronies spend more time looking for someone or something to blame for every minor catastrophe than they do looking for solutions to problems and issues. Out of that attitude comes him blaming his failures, scandals, lies and deceptions on race rather than accept responsibility for his own actions and behavior. He is a traitor to our country.

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