Tech surge JV

President Obama’s “tech surge” to fix is a slogan with nothing behind it:

President Obama promised elite Silicon Valley talent to fix, but so far his “tech surge” appears to consist of a handful of White House fellows assigned to the main contractor that designed the troubled website.

“If there were tech experts that were flown in from Silicon Valley, they did not land at our facility,” said a knowledgeable official who spoke on condition of anonymity. . .

Federal officials plucked participants in the Presidential Innovation Fellows program and assigned them to CGI Federal, the U.S. subsidiary of CGI Group, the Canadian firm that was awarded the $94 million main design contract for Fellows typically spend six to 13 months working in a federal department or agency as “change agents” and to promote government-wide innovation, according to

Why not use real experts? Well, none of the considerations that led to them to use amateurs in the first place have really changed. They still see this is a political problem, not a technical problem.

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