The bottom line

Obamacare is costing more Americans their health insurance than have gained it. Many more:

More Americans In 3 States Have Had Their Insurance Canceled Under ObamaCare Than Have Filed An Exchange Account In All 50

This week the reality of the ObamaCare roll-out appeared in a set of news stories that serve as an ironic juxtaposition. Over 500,000 individuals have seen their insurance policies cancelled in just 3 states.  In all 50 states, only 476,000 applications have been “filed” in an exchange. (Even though we are still learning the true definition of “filed.”)

This parenthetical remark refers to the fact that the federal government (as well as some states including California and New York) are reporting applications as filed when in fact the application has merely been started (i.e., the applicant has logged in and begun shopping).

This is an unmitigated disaster.

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