The Obama shutdown

The 17% federal government shutdown is over now, so the Park Service — now shown to be as partisan and corrupt as any other part of the federal government — is now back at work. Or what passes for work as a federal employee. But there’s still one instance of the Obama Park Service’s screw-you-all policy that is worth noting:

When a man took it upon himself to mow the lawn at the Lincoln Memorial, the Park Service shut him down. Once again, the Obama shutdown does not mean that the government stops doing things; it means the government makes affirmative efforts to ensure things are worse.

Anyway, now that the shutdown is over, the furloughed workers get back pay. Thus, the shutdown was actually a paid vacation, which is pretty sweet. (ASIDE: Which is one reason why the unions had to hire fake government workers to protest the shutdown.) In fact, those workers who were willing to engage in a little public larceny get paid double:

Some federal workers who were furloughed in Oregon could be getting paid twice, with a state official confirming to Fox News that those workers who received state unemployment benefits during the partial government shutdown will not have to re-pay the money.

Other states haven’t yet determined if claimants will have to repay the money. Of particular importance, of course, is DC and Maryland:

Washington D.C. and Maryland also both paid millions in unemployment benefits to about 24,000 furloughed workers during the budget crisis.

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