Health insurance premiums skyrocket

Now that Obamacare has launched, we can evaluate how well Barack Obama has fulfilled his promise to cut everyone’s health care rates by $2500 per year. It may surprise low-information voters, but will be no surprise to those who have followed this disaster closely, that most people will not see a reduction at all, much less a reduction of $2500 per year. Among younger men (the group probably being screwed most badly by Obamacare) we are seeing this:


The blue states are the ones in which premiums are dropping at all. In most states, premiums are not only rising, but skyrocketing. For other groups the picture looks similar; only the magnitude of the disaster is different. You can find all the maps here. The article also shows that most people will not get subsidies enough to break even.

In a tacit acknowledgement that the numbers are terrible, the Obama administration released very little information, and tried to keep even that data from Obamacare’s critics:

The report was issued to news organizations on Tuesday under a strict embargo, with specific instructions not to share the information with anyone else, like outside health insurance experts who might be able to provide more analysis of the numbers. Apparently, though, the word still leaked out.

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