When the media can’t tell a story without seasoning it with lies, that’s a hint that the narrative might not be true. On PBS:

JELANI COBB: . . . we can’t escape — and finally the fact of the matter is, Mr. Zimmerman had called the police 46 times in previous six years, only for African-Americans, only for African-American men.

Not so. In fact, only six calls had to do with African-American men, and two of those were Trayvon Martin. Most of the calls were this sort of thing:

8/12/04: Reports male driving pick-up without car seat
9/20/04: Neighbor’s garage door open
8/20/04: Reports white male walking in the road carrying a paper bag, presumably drinking
3/17/05: Pothole
4/27/05: Neighbor’s garage door open

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