IG delayed IRS report

The Inspector General is supposed to report “particularly flagrant problem” to Congress within seven days. Doing so would have exposed the IRS scandal during the 2012 election campaign, but instead the IG delayed the report for months.

The IG admits that he delayed the report because he was concerned it would be used politically:

Inspector General J. Russell George told Issa’s panel he withheld the information because he feared lawmakers would leak it to the public.

Recall that conservatives had been complaining for years, and for years the IRS and the liberal media were dismissing their complaints as entirely unfounded. Yeah, I’d say that the revelation that the Tea Party’s allegations were 100% true might have become public, and indeed it should have.

It’s not the IG’s job to ignore statutory deadlines because of the possible political consequences. That’s misconduct all its own.

POSTSCRIPT: This also further demolishes the absurd notion that it could be in any way improper to answer questions while an investigation is ongoing. When the investigation can be stalled indefinitely for practically no reason at all (e.g., “I was studying for and then taking a final.”), this is plainly just an excuse to avoid answering questions forever.

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