NYT still okay with IRS targeting

A year ago, the New York Times was okay with the IRS subjecting Tea Party groups to special scrutiny. Nothing has really changed since then, other than the IRS admitting it did so, but I still wondered if the NYT might change its tune now that the proverbial excrement has hit the fan.

Nope. The NYT’s editorial this morning is its usual fare: an attack against Republicans. No mention of the IRS. The NYT’s editorial Sunday was an attack against opponents of amnesty for illegal immigrants. The NYT’s editorial Friday was an attack against Republicans (for holding the Benghazi hearings!). No mention of the IRS, much less an indication of a change of heart.

In fact, the only mentions of the IRS scandal on the NYT opinion page are from Ross Douthat (the NYT’s token conservative), and one throwaway sentence from Maureen Dowd in an incoherent column about Benghazi.

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