Sequester follies

As part of his make-the-sequester-hurt strategy, Obama is cancelling White Hours tours. That will save $74,000 per week (about $7 for each visitor).

But Michelle Obama’s gigantic birthday bash is going ahead. Priorities, you know.

(Somehow, that bunch got away with portraying the Romneys as out-of-touch with ordinary people. Amazing.)

UPDATE: The White House says they weren’t responsible for the decision to cancel tours, and they’re trying to figure out a way to restart them. Amazing how little influence the White House has when it doesn’t want one.

One obvious way to restart them (other than just, you know, restarting them) would be to accept the contributions of various persons who have offered to pay for tours, “but the White House has turned down the request, saying that it could not allow private individuals to pay the Secret Service.” Because that would defeat the purpose of cancelling tours in the first place.

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