The party of big business

Democrats and their allies in the legacy media like to call Republicans the party of big business. This is the exact opposite of the truth. Republicans are the party of free markets, while Democrats are the party of big business. In reality, big business opposes free markets much more often than it supports free markets. It’s small business that really wants markets to be free.

In the latest example, Minnesota Democrats are proposing a big new tax on business-to-business transactions. Such a tax wouldn’t affect big businesses very much, since they can do most of their legal and marketing work in house. However, small businesses, which need to contract all of that out, will be hit hard. This, of course, is just what big businesses want; they don’t want small competitors nipping at their heels and are happy when small businesses are driven out of business. In fact, rent seeking — such as driving out small competitors — has historically been the purpose of most economic regulation.

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