The Obama administration, through its professional liar Jay Carney, is still claiming that the sequester was the GOP’s idea:

Question: Looking at all this, do you regret that this White House suggested [the sequester] in the first place?

Jay Carney: The notion much propounded by the spin doctors on the Republican side that the sequester is somehow something that the White House and the president alone wanted and desired is a fanciful confection.

In this case, Carney is using a bit of misdirection, by answering a different question than he was asked. But the message is clear, and Barack Obama himself has been less careful, claiming at the third presidential debate:

The sequester is not something that I’ve proposed. It is something that Congress has proposed.

This is an outright lie. Here’s the photo that Republicans have been circulating, of a page from Bob Woodward’s book on the subject:


Also note the final line, below the highlighted box. “We have to get people to turn against the Republicans.” That was the entire plan. They don’t have a fiscal plan; they never did. This was all about setting the stage for attacking Republicans.

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