But don’t call it a cover up

Hillary Clinton is refusing to testify on the Benghazi debacle, for the second time. The first time she had to be out of the country on the proposed date. This time, she bumped her head and can’t possibly testify. No word on rescheduling.

But we do have additional information on where the administration’s cock and bull story about the attack being a spontaneous demonstration about a video came from. (This is old news, but it came out during my post-election vacation so I haven’t yet noted it here.)

President Obama himself was notified of the nature of the attack within 72 hours, long before Susan Rice’s infamous Sunday misinformation appearances. (Via Jennifer Rubin.) The CIA’s original talking points said Al Qaeda was responsible for the attack, but that fact was removed by the White House. Specifically, the office of the Director of National Intelligence was responsible for the change. Also, Susan Rice would have been privy to the original, accurate information (although it’s impossible to know if she was paying attention).

Intelligence sources say that the links to Al Qaeda were deemed too tenuous to be made public (although Petraeus disagreed). Regardless of whether that decision was necessary or wise, it does not explain how the administration (and especially Susan Rice) decided to adopt the exact opposite as the official story.

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