It is a popular pastime on the left to prepare and promote studies that purport to show that conservatives and libertarians are stupid, insane, or otherwise mentally defective. (“It’s science! You can’t argue with science!”) Some of them are outright hilarious, like a recent study claiming to show that Fox News viewers have an IQ of 80.

The study is a complete fake, of course:

So there you have it. A four-year study sparked by the outcome of the recent election, from an institution that’s admittedly a fake, from a company that won’t identify itself, supposedly funded by a Republican PAC trying to “cut off” the Tea Party like a cancer, using a sample that was chosen with a particular result in mind, with a contact number that’s an anonymous free Google Voice number.

But what’s really hilarious is the irony: credulous leftists being taken in by a fake study on intelligence.

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