I caught the end of Barack Obama’s victory speech. Incredibly, he’s doing his unity bit again. It’s as if the last six months never happened. Hell, it’s as if the last four years never happened.

In 2008, I was somewhat taken in by the pledge in his victory speech to unify the country. But an acquaintance of mine, a hard leftist, explained that Obama didn’t mean it. “Dream on” were his exact words. He was right. From his very first acts, Obama proceeded to chart the most extreme course that he could, limited only by the residual conscience of a Democratic Congress. He did it in the teeth of public opposition, proclaiming not unity, but “I won.” When people stood up in opposition, he didn’t try to find common ground. No, he vilified them as racists, and even as terrorists.

Months of slander, sarcasm, and demagoguery have done their work, and Obama convinced just enough Americans that a second term for Obama is less risky than taking a chance on Romney. Fine. But America shouldn’t be fooled by the unity bit again. I certainly won’t.

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