The media’s cover-up

The Benghazi debacle is big news, with new information about the administration’s incompetence and/or indifference coming out almost every day. But the news media wants to talk about anything else, and it’s pretty obvious why.

Most telling is the Sunday morning talk shows, where only Fox News thought the latest revelations were worth discussing. On NBC’s Meet the Press, David Gregory even went so far as to cut off a guess who brought up Benghazi.

UPDATE: John Hinderaker compares New York Times’s treatment of Benghazi to its 2004 drumbeat on the Al Qaqaa, a non-story about an unsecure ammunition dump from which as much as 0.06% of Iraq’s munitions might have been looted. The Times immediately abandoned the story after the 2004 election, tacitly acknowledging its unimportance.

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