“Highest ethical standards”

The Office of Special Counsel has found that Kathleen Sebelius violated the law by using an official event to campaign for Barack Obama:

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius violated the Hatch Act in February when she called for re-electing President Obama during an official department appearance, the Office of Special Counsel said Wednesday. The finding could possibly cost Sebelius her job.

Cost Sebelius her job? Good one. The White House quickly announced that the administration holds itself  “to the highest ethical standards” and therefore she will not be disciplined. (I might be making up the word “therefore”.)

The White House apparently thinks that retroactively reclassifying the event from official to political is plenty. That might make sense if they could also retroactively send the government employees who attended the event back to work.

POSTSCRIPT: Sebelius sure is a piece of work.

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