Obama snubs Netanyahu

While Debbie Wasserman-Schultz prattles on about President Obama’s “stellar” record on Egypt, the Israelis’ far different perspective keeps being confirmed by events. In the latest snub, Obama just can’t find any time to meet with Benjamin Netanyahu during Netanyahu’s upcoming visit to the United States:

An Israeli official, who declined to be identified, said the White House had refused Netanyahu’s request to meet Obama when the Israeli leader visits the United States to attend the U.N. General Assembly, telling the Israelis, “The president’s schedule will not permit that.”

And this spin is just pathetic:

White House spokesman Tommy Vietor denied that Netanyahu’s request had been spurned, insisting instead that the two leaders were attending the General Assembly on different days and would not be in New York at the same time.

Obviously they don’t have to meet in New York. Netanyahu is travelling halfway around the world; he can take a half-hour flight to Washington. But don’t take my word for it:

One well-placed Jewish-American leader told Fox News that the White House has not yet fully ruled out moving things around on the schedule to accommodate Netanyahu. But as of now, Obama is scheduled to be on the campaign trail during the window of time when Netanyahu can make it to Washington.

UPDATE: No time for Netanyahu, but he has time to chum around with Beyonce, Jay-Z, and David Letterman.

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