Yahoo news’ Washington bureau chief (wait, Yahoo news still exists?!), David Chalian, was caught on an open mike saying Mitt and Ann Romney “are happy to have a party when black people drown”. Other unidentified people in the ABC News studio laughed.

Yahoo promptly fired him and apologized, but here’s the thing: Was this the first time he ever uttered such offensive anti-Republican sentiments? From my own extensive experience with offensive anti-Republicans I find it very, very unlikely. No, people who can talk that way are the people who do talk that way. Chalian, almost certainly, has been saying stuff like this for years. He was fired, not for what he said, but for getting caught.

It’s certainly not bias that’s a problem for the managers of the legacy media, and it’s not even apparent bias that’s a problem. It’s undeniable bias that will get you fired, because that hurts the facade of objectivity.

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