FACT: Fact-checking has nothing to do with facts

This ABC article is the apotheosis of the new liberal fad of bogus fact-checking. It assembles a collection of counter-arguments to arguments made by Paul Ryan last night, and precedes each counter-argument with “THE FACTS”.

Moreover, their counter-arguments are quite feeble:

[Obama’s Medicare] cuts do not affect Medicare recipients directly, but rather reduce payments to hospitals, health insurance plans and other service providers.

When doctors cut back on accepting Medicare patients, I’m sure Medicare recipients will be consoled that the cuts did not affect them “directly”.

Ryan himself asked for stimulus funds . . .

This is so stupid. When the federal government squanders billions of borrowed money, opponents are on the hook for the debt just as much as supporters. Of course they will look to get their share, even while preferring it wouldn’t happen at all.

The [Janesville GM] plant halted production in December 2008. . .

This is false. (Nice “fact-checking” guys!) Also it’s irrelevant to Ryan’s point. Much more here.

It’s true that Obama hasn’t heeded his [debt] commission’s recommendations, but Ryan’s not the best one to complain. He was a member of the commission and voted against its final report.

The final report called for keeping Obamacare, so of course he voted against it. But he based his bipartisan budget proposal on the non-Obamacare aspects of the report.

In short, the only one of ABC’s attacks that actually addresses the facts is wrong. The others are just liberal arguments prefixed by the phrase “THE FACTS”.

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