ABC must explain

After a madman opened fire at a theater in Colorado, a week-and-a-half ago, ABC News quickly tried to tie the shooting to the Tea Party (auto-play video). If any reader isn’t familiar with the story already: reporter Brian Ross revealed that someone with the same not-at-all-unusual name as the shooter was involved with the Colorado Tea Party.

This wasn’t just Brian Ross’s calumny: ABC let him put that slander on the air, and George Stephanopoulos said nothing abot Ross’s too-weak-even-to-call-flimsy report.

Now ABC has apologized, but if they want us to believe that this was a good-faith error, as they claim, they need to explain how it happened. Stephanopoulos claims that the network has been transparent, but they’ve been nothing of the sort. As it stands, if looks as though someone typed “James Holmes tea party” into Google.

Indeed, we on the right are quite used to this. They always try to blame us for any high-profile violence.

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