“We can’t do any worse!”

While searching for a good clip of President Obama’s “You Didn’t Build That” speech in Roanoke, Virginia, I found this amusing bit (cue to 1:28), in a speech Obama gave in Roanoke in 2008:

I say: “Sir, I understand you are a die-hard Republican.” He said “Yes I am.”

I said, “How’s business?”

He said: Not so good, my customers can’t afford to eat out right now.

I said: Well, I’m just curious, who’s been running the economy for the last eight years?

He said: I guess the Republicans have.

I said: If you just keep hitting your head against the wall, over and over again, and it starts to hurt, at some point do you stop hitting it against the wall?

He said: I guess that would make sense.

I said: You might want to try the Democrats for a change. We can’t do any worse!

After four years, Obama has indeed made it worse, but now Obama wants us to keep hitting our head against the wall. It will surely stop hurting eventually!

(Fun fact: banging your head against the wall does eventually stop hurting. Eventually it kills you.)

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