Democrats attempting to spin the results of the Wisconsin recall election have settled on three points: (1) Governor Walker outspent his opponents 8-to-1, (2) Citizens United v. FEC made it possible for him to do so, and (3) the exit polls showed a big lead for Obama in Wisconsin. Let’s debunk these, shall we:

Walker did not outspend his opponents 8-to-1. True, he raised $32 million to Barrett’s $4 million, but Barrett was just one of his opponents, and not even the leader of the effort. When you include the unions — the instigators of the recall — Walker’s opponents spent $25 million, six times the figure for Barrett alone. Walker did outspend his opponents, but only 1.28-to-1.

Citizens United was about speech; it said nothing at all about fundraising. Furthermore, Wisconsin law authorizes unlimited fundraising for recall elections anyway. Citizens United had no impact on the race whatsoever.

Michael Barone looked at the Wisconsin exit polls, and observed that if you adjust for Democrats’ historical overperformance in exit polls (about 4 points), Romney leads 49-47.

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