But enough about them, let’s talk about me

President Obama inserts himself into the official White House biographies of former presidents.

The White House defends itself thus:

“No biographies have been altered,” a White House official told Fox News. “We simply added links at the bottom of each page to related whitehouse.gov content, which is a commonly used best practice to encourage people to browse more pages on a site.”

Lame. If you look at the pages, the Obama content is clearly represented as part of the biography. But beyond that, it’s not even true. For example, take a look at the new Calvin Coolidge page, and compare it to the original one. The original one ended with the paragraph:

Learn more about Calvin Coolidge ‘s spouse, Grace Anna Goodhue Coolidge.

The Obama material was inserted above that, so it was not at the bottom of the page. The best they can say honestly is their new material is near the bottom of the page.

Also, the new material itself is just lame:

On Feb. 22, 1924 Calvin Coolidge became the first president to make a public radio address to the American people. President Coolidge later helped create the Federal Radio Commission, which has now evolved to become the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).   President Obama became the first president to hold virtual gatherings and town halls using Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, etc.

I think there’s a grave danger for Obama in this sort of thing. Obama still somehow has good personal approval ratings, despite the terrible approval ratings for all his policies. Doing things that make him look simply pathetic undermine the only thing he still has going for him.

POSTSCRIPT: The RNC delivers some well-deserved mockery:

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