The dog story

I must confess, I just don’t get this attack: In 1983, when Mitt Romney took his family on vacation, with seven people and luggage he didn’t have room in the car for the family dog. Rather than leave the dog behind, he jury-rigged a dog carrier on the roof of the car.

Somehow, this shows that Romney is cruel towards animals. How? I don’t get it. If Romney had actually “strapped the dog to the roof of the car,” as his detractors like to say, I would understand it, but he didn’t. He attached a dog carrier to the car’s roof rack, and constructed a windshield to protect him. How is that any different from a dog riding in the back of a truck?

To me, this story speaks of ingenuity and resourcefulness. It also speaks of a man who wanted to bring his dog on vacation, rather than leave it at a kennel.

I can certainly understand that the Obama campaign would rather talk about anything other than their candidate’s record in office. Nevertheless, I’m still puzzled by David Axelrod saying that loving dog owners transport their dogs in limousines, like Barack Obama. Most dog owners don’t have limousines. Isn’t it a little . . . off message to mock Mitt Romney for not having a limousine?

POSTSCRIPT: Romney brings his dog on vacation, Obama eats dog. Yes, the jokes write themselves. Even funnier than the jokes are the Obama surrogates earnestly making drawing distinctions between the Romney vacation story and the Obama dog-eating story. The truth is, both stories are nothing. What’s telling is which campaign wants to focus on the dog stories (Obama’s), and which campaign wants to talk about the economy (Romney’s).

UPDATE: Exactly right.

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