The “war on women”

There is no “war on women”, except as just one front in President Obama’s war on nearly everyone (women, men, catholics, jews, evangelicals, children, the elderly, rich people, people who want to be rich, automobile drivers, automobile bondholders, medical companies that didn’t support Obama enough, medical companies that did support Obama enough (suckers!), Alaskans, Louisianans, gun owners, would-be gun owners, ISPs, people who want the lights to come on quickly, etc.).

But since the Democrats have proclaimed it a war, let’s look at some facts:

  • Over 90% of the 740k jobs lost since Obama came into office were held by women. (The Democratic apologists at the Washington Post and at Politifact both acknowledge that the statistic, used by the Romney campaign, is accurate, but still say it’s somehow false, which underscores just how damaging it is.)
  • Top Democratic women have reportedly called the Obama White House a hostile environment for women. Female staffers have complained about being frozen out. Female White House employees are paid 18% less than men. And this guy is still there.
  • The North Carolina Democratic Party paid hush money to keep a sexual harassment scandal quiet. (UPDATE: NC Governor Perdue, a Democrat, told a reporter asking about the scandal “Get over it.”)
  • Obama surrogate Hilary Rosen attacked stay-at-home moms saying that Ann Romney (who raised five boys) “never worked a day in her life”. Democrats have since tried to distance themselves from her, but Rosen works for the consulting firm that contracts with the DNC and has visited the White House at least 35 times. (For comparison, that’s about as many visits at Timothy Geithner and three times as many as Leon Panetta.)
  • Other Democrats didn’t get the memo to lay off and joined in the attack, like the president of the National Organization for Women and the execrable Bill Maher.
  • Even Barack Obama joined the attack against stay-at-home moms in a more subtle way. Trying to turn it into a class-warfare talking point, Obama said that they “didn’t have the luxury for [Michelle] not to work.” In 2005, the Obamas made $479,062.

Now the Democrats claim that they never accused Republicans of waging a war against women. To make that work, you have to discount Joe Biden, DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Barbara Boxer, Benjamin, MSNBC, James Carville, Talking Points Memo, Emily’s List, NARAL, and at least seven other Democratic representatives.

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