Conservatives on Twitter today quickly hijacked the #ILikeObamacare hashtag, which had been launched by President Barack Obama’s campaign to highlight supporters of the Democrats’ signature health care reform law.

The Twitter hashtag was the most popular in the world Friday afternoon, but not for reasons the Obama campaign wanted.

I signed up for Twitter today just so I could join in the fun. A few of my contributions:

  • #ILikeObamacare because I never believed Obama’s promise that I could keep my health care anyway.
  • #ILikeObamacare because 39% public support is plenty to rewrite the social contract.
  • #ILikeObamacare because not enough elderly are being abused in America. bit.ly/Ag3qst
  • #ILikeObamacare because politicians should decide whether people get pacemakers or painkillers. drhelen.blogspot.com/2009/07/maybe-youre-better-off-not-having.html
  • #ILikeObamacare because it’s about time someone fixed Catholic theology.

UPDATE: It’s pretty much taken over by spammers now. Pity.

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