As the old joke goes, how do you know that an Obama flack is lying? His lips are moving.

Here’s White House Chief of Staff Jack Lew on the contraception mandate “compromise”:

That’s why he got the support of a range of groups, from the Catholic health association and Catholic charities, to Planned Parenthood.

White House spokesman Jack Carney:

And the organizations that will be most affected by this — Catholic Charities and the Catholic Health Association — have expressed their support for this policy, and we obviously appreciate that.

Chris Van Hollen (D-MD), chairman of the House Democratic Campaign Committee:

And that’s why groups like Catholic Charities, the Catholic hospitals associations have said this is a fair compromise, that it accomplishes the goal of both women’s health as well as religious freedom.

Finally, here’s Catholic Charities:

In response to a great number of mischaracterizations in the media, Catholic Charities USA wants to make two things very clear:

1.  We have not endorsed the accommodation to the HHS mandate that was announced by the Administration last Friday.

2. We unequivocally share the goal of the US Catholic bishops to uphold religious liberty and will continue to work with the USCCB towards that goal.

Any representation to the contrary is false.

This broad attack on a single talking-point doesn’t happen by accident. Clearly, the Obama administration has decided that it serves their purposes to promulgate this lie.

(Via the Corner.)

POSTSCRIPT: Let’s not forget that the compromise itself is a lie. After announcing it, the administration went ahead and put the old, pre-compromise regulation into effect.

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