LightSquared fail

LightSquared’s latest test confirms that it could crash planes:

Transportation deputy secretary John Porcari told a House subcommittee on Wednesday that LightSquared’s planned wireless network is “not compatible” with flight-safety GPS devices used in commercial aircrafts.

He told lawmakers on the House Transportation and Infrastructure’s subcommittee on Aviation that LightSquared would disrupt GPS systems that pilots use to help them navigate in low altitudes, including devices that warn them when they are getting too close to terrain.

The FAA also pointed out how ridiculous it is that we keep spending taxpayer money to test this privately owned system:

Porcari said the Federal Aviation Administration has spent $2 million testing LightSquared’s network. He called spending that amount of money to review a private company “quite unusual.”

“However, due to the Administration’s commitment to increased access to broadband, the investment was merited, but given the results we reviewed, further investment cannot be justified at this time,” he said.

Pssst, it’s not because of any commitment to broadband that this has been going on; it’s because of the administration’s commitment to paying off its cronies.

For their part, LightSquared is sticking with their “it’s not us, it’s everyone else” routine:

The company says the problem is that GPS receivers are poorly designed and are receiving signals from outside their designated frequency bands.

Yeah, 75% of all GPS receivers are poorly designed. . .

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