ACLU opposes religious freedom

The ACLU has come out in support of the Obama administration’s mandate requiring the Catholic Church to change its position on contraception. I can’t say this surprises me. The ACLU has been very weak on religious freedom; opposing it more often than defending it.

POSTSCRIPT: A new Rasmussen poll finds that the public opposes the mandate 50-39.

2 Responses to ACLU opposes religious freedom

  1. Bob Wood says:

    The ACLU will only defend causes that are ideologically liberal. There is no room for conservative causes or freedom of religion from state control with the ACLU.

  2. K. Crary says:

    I think that’s a bit of an overgeneralization. For example, the ACLU opposed McCain-Feingold. But I’ll agree that the ACLU has a strong preference for liberal causes. What galls me about this isn’t that they are taking a pass on freedom of religion (that I would expect), but that they are actively opposing it.

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