Shutting down the do-gooders

Megan McArdle comments on the Obama administration’s order for Catholic hospitals to dispense contraceptives:

Everyone . . . seems to assume that we’re doing the Catholic Church a big old favor by allowing them to provide health care and other social services to a needy public. Why, we’re really coddling them, and it’s about time they started acting a little grateful for everything we’ve done for them!

These people seem to be living in an alternate universe that I don’t have access to, where there’s a positive glut of secular organizations who are just dying to provide top-notch care for the sick, the poor, and the dispossessed.

What McArdle is insufficiently cynical to recognize is that the far left doesn’t care whether anyone can do what the Catholic Church does. To that bunch, it’s better for the unfortunate to go without, than for them to be served by people who don’t answer to the government.

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