Physician, heal thyself

A recent blog post at the Washington Post accused the military of dishonesty:

Consider the Army’s dogged initial insistence that Pat Tillman was not, in fact, killed by “friendly fire;” the fabrication of the story of Jessica Lynch; and the recent embellishment by the Marine Corps of their medal winner’s story. This is lying to the people the military is meant to protect, and who pay for it. It is absolutely, completely, unacceptable. Yet it now has become common.

That’s strong stuff, and it fails to allow for human fallibility, exacerbated by the fog of war.

But in regard to Jessica Lynch, it’s not even factual. As W. Joseph Campbell explains, the Jessica Lynch story was fabricated, not by the military, but by the Washington Post. That’s right, the very same publication using the incident to besmirch the military.

(Via Instapundit.)

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