Gunwalker update

A few updates in the Gunwalker scandal:

  • The Justice Department has taken its cover-up to a new level, deciding to seal all the records pertaining to Border Patrol agent Brian Terry’s murder. (Via Instapundit.)
  • A new theory has been floated suggesting that an FBI informant is implicated in Terry’s murder. This would help explain why the FBI denies the existence of a third gun in Terry’s murder despite convincing evidence to the contrary. According to the theory, the FBI’s informant was carrying the third gun, so the FBI has covered it up to protect the informant.
  • All of the managers of Operation Fast and Furious have been promoted, while most of the whistleblowers have been demoted.

I have to add, this third point is an outrage. The Justice Department has said that no one important was aware of Gunwalker. This is almost certainly a lie, but even if true, the DOJ’s leadership is certainly responsible for what they did after the scandal broke. What they did was reward the perpetrators. They have endorsed the operation after-the-fact.

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