Holder responds

Months after the Gunwalker scandal erupted, Eric Holder has undertaken to write a letter to Congress on the subject. It breaks very little new ground. He:

  • continues to deny any knowledge of the “unacceptable tactics” employed in Fast and Furious,
  • says that Fast and Furious was a flawed response to the important problem of gun trafficking into Mexico (ASIDE: it’s not nearly as important as gun-control advocates pretend),
  • berates Congress for not doing anything about that problem,
  • demands that Congress “denounce” a Republican member (presumably Paul Gosar) who said those responsible for Gunwalker are “accessories to murder”,
  • and claims that gunwalking was going on during the Bush administration as well.

The final claim is interesting, but I won’t believe it without hearing some details. If it were true, they would have been trumpeting it for some time now.

Questions Holder did not address include:

  • Why were those responsible for Gunwalker promoted instead of disciplined?
  • How could so many different agencies be involved in Gunwalker without any high-ranking officials being aware of it?
  • Is the FBI covering up a third Gunwalker gun used in the Terry murder, as multiple sources suggest?
  • Why was the ATF permitted to retaliate against the agents who blew the whistle on Gunwalker?
  • Why was the ATF permitted to stonewall Congress’s investigation, to the extent that it required contempt proceedings before they produced any documents?
  • Why was the ATF permitted to limit its agents’ testimony to Congress?
  • Why did the Justice Department withhold information it had in its possession from Congress?
  • Why did the Justice Department say that no ATF agents witnessed the transfer of weapons to third parties, when the opposite is true?
  • Why is Holder so concerned about harsh rhetoric directed at ATF agents who broke the law and trafficked weapons to Mexican drug cartels?
  • Finally, what was the ATF trying to accomplish by trafficking guns to Mexican drug cartels and making no attempt to track them? Why hasn’t anyone tried to answer this question, even at this very late date?

(Via the Corner.) (Previous post.)

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