UK Labour calls for abolition of the free press

What fundamental rights hasn’t the UK abolished yet? Trial by jury, check. Double jeopardy, check. Freedom of religion, check. Free speech, check. Self defense, check.

Freedom of the press hasn’t been exempt from attack by any means, but the British press has still been mostly free. The Labour party wants to change that:

The stupidest of [the Labour Party’s] proposals to date will be presented today, when Ivan Lewis, the shadow culture secretary, will propose a licensing scheme for journalists through a professional body that will have the power to forbid people who breach its code of conduct from doing journalism in the future.

They want the government to decide who is allowed to publish and who is not — and they explicitly mean to use the system to silence the people they don’t want publishing.

The real problem in the UK is structural. Since 1911, there have been no checks or balances in the British government. The House of Commons is all-powerful. If the party in power decides to scrap the Freedom of the Press, or any other freedom, no one can stop them.

(Via Instapundit.)

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